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You plan on buying 2017 trucks, meaning about of your fleet may be eligible to use fa-4 engine oils.
You Have 2 Options to Implement new CK-4/FA-4 Engine Oil
option 1

Less Complexity but not as much fuel savings

Stick with one CK-4 licensed engine oil for all your trucks, including your 2017 trucks. Easy, right?

option 2

A little bit more complexity, but get the most fuel savings

Use CK-4 licensed engine oil for your pre-2017 trucks and FA-4 engine oil for your 2017 trucks. You could do this with only drums a year of FA-4 oil.

FA-4 engine oils can have additional fuel economy benefits over CK-4 engine oils. The amount of fuel economy benefit is still undefined, but even small improvements, like .5%, for example, can save your fleet money. Fuel Savings across your fleet for every .5% improvement in fuel economy with today's diesel price of .